Did you miss the 1st edition of the Early Childhood and Parenthood Journey in 2017 ? 

This vast philanthropic mobilization - interactive, educational, itinerant as well as free and open to the public – took place in 2017, from November 2-20.

All of it onboard a shiny modern train the length of 2 TGVs

Sharing all the latest international scientific and educational resources and up-to-date information on child development.

Visiting 14 regions and 22 cities

The 167 conferences and 100 experts mobilized for this grand adventure welcomed 20,000 participants

Neuroscientists, educators, anthropologists, psychologists, early childhood and childhood professionals, philosophers, child development specialists, pediatricians, juvenile court judges, representatives of the OECD, UNESCO, family-policy decision-makers, etc.

6 over-arching themes were explored :

  • Being born and connecting

  • Play and communicate

  • Living the day to day

  • Act and intervene early

  • Protect children's rights

  • A whole village to raise a child

32 000 parents and professionals shared their knowledge, were profoundly moved, discovered their children’s hidden talents but also the fragilities requiring loving care.

The Early Childhood and Parenting Journey

Are you eager to rediscover the Journey's extraordinary content ?

Come and visit our virtual Train, to expand your overall knowledge of child development courtesy of the latest researches in neuroscience. 

Discover a fun, user-friendly and interactive itinerary with informational panels and educational videos! 

Tuesday, June 30th - Session 1 : in France

1st car : Being born and connecting

Thursday, July 16th - Session 2: in Norway

2nd car : Play and communicate

Wednesday, September 16th - Session 3:  in Australia

3rd car : Living the day to day

Thursday, October 15th - Session 4 : in United-States

4th car : Act and intervene early

Friday, November 20th - Session 5 : from France with a link-up to Quebec

5th car : A whole village to raise a child

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